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The German Federal Bar (BRAK)

The German Federal Bar (BRAK) is the umbrella organisation of the lawyers’ self-administration. In Germany lawyers are mandatory members of the 28 Regional Bars and the Regional Bars are mandatory members of BRAK. BRAK represents the interests of the 28 Regional Bars and thus of the entire legal profession of the Federal Republic of Germany with around 166,000 lawyers vis-à-vis ministries, authorities, courts and organisations – at national, European and international level. BRAK has a Brussels Office and has established the Arbitration Office of the Advocacy which mediates on disputes between lawyers and clients. BRAK has legislative power with regard to the professional laws of lawyers in Germany and BRAK is running 32 specialist committees which are supervised by the members of the BRAK management. Committee members often take part as experts in expert groups and hearings of the ministries and the parliament. The BRAK Committees are involved in the legislative process in all areas of law. BRAK is active in many countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The projects of BRAK in this region cover a very broad spectrum. While the focus in regions characterised by development is on the introduction of rule-of-law structures with a strong legal profession and the promotion of the principle of self-administration of the legal profession, the cooperation with the economically strong and developed countries is primarily about knowhow transfer in the context of legal reforms and innovations.

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Tokyo Surugadai Law Offices

Lander & Rogers

Founded in 1946, Lander & Rogers is one of the few remaining truly independent Australian law firms.

We have the largest family and relationship law practice in Australia, representing clients both domestically and abroad. With offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, our team of family lawyers includes accredited specialists, and qualified arbitrators and mediators to deliver tailored solutions for every situation.

Uniquely positioned within a commercial firm, we can provide clients with access to employment lawyers, commercial advisers and other legal experts for holistic advice.

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The Law Society of Hong Kong

The Law Society of Hong Kong represents over 12,600 solicitors and more than 900 law firms in Hong Kong. Our pool of legal talents provide a full range of quality legal advisory services for global clients in areas of company incorporation, capital markets, corporate finance, syndicated loans, securities, intellectual property, labour law, litigation, conveyancing, mediation, and other cross jurisdictional transactions. Our members are well-positioned to service companies from worldwide intending to venture into the China market through Hong Kong.

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BKL Bae Kim & Lee

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